Education Undergrad Society

President:  TBA
Email:  TBA
Faculty Advisor:  Constance Murphy

We are a group geared towards getting information to students who want to become teachers.

We have resources available through the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) and fellow facility members here at Concordia. We encourage anyone interested in the Teaching profession to join!

Your membership (which only costs $1.00!) gets you access to ATA presentations (food & drink also supplied!), online ATA resource material as well as other great teaching information and resources! Joining our club will help you get insight into what you are going expect while applying for your first teaching job, prepare you for interviews, as well as how to deal with parents-students and fellow facility.

Events for this year include a few, usually 4-5 sessions, where an ATA member is present. Other events coming up are TBA.

The club does not involve a lot of time if you have a busy schedule, but is definitely worth joining, even if you can only make it to one of the sessions.

The EUS is also looking for Executive Board Members if anyone is interested in being a part of that!


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