Hockey Fan Club

President: TBA
Vice President: TBA

Faculty Advisor:  Karen Leonhardt

One of the home made noise makers, which needs a new cover with the new logo.

The HFC is all about being fans for the Concorida Thunder Hockey Team. We are both the fans in the stands, and the game day staff that runs the show. If you want to get involved supporting the boys, this is where you should go!

In December 2011, the HFC joined forces with the Girls Volleyball team to plan the first annual Concordia Thunder Charity Challenge in a volleyball game. This year, we are hoping to match up against them in a rematch on the day after the last day of classes.

We meet every home game at either the Annex on Fridays or the Arena we play in on Saturdays 2-3 hours before the game.

Contact Karen to learn how you, too, can get involved!


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