Model UN Club

President: TBA
Email: TBA
Faculty Advisor:  Elizabeth Smythe

The model United Nations club aims to bring students interested in global politics together to explore current issues while also providing experience in research, public speaking, and networking.

 The provincial model United Nations conference will be held in Red Deer this year and our club will be spending a weekend there with other students from various institutions. On this weekend students will be playing the role of a diplomate from a United Nations delegation TBA. Our club will also be expected to do some light fundraising and options for this can be discussed at meetings. Our club is also able to attend conferences in Ottawa and New York; pending membership and funding should the club collectively decide to pursue that goal (all desisions will be voted on and attendance to all conferences is optional up until the registration deadlines).
The model United Nations club looks very impressive on a resume; especially considering how little the club meets before we go to the (a) conference. It is also an excellent place to practice public speaking and networking; both invaluable tools in virtually any discipline even if you are not an arts student (no previous experience required!). There is an opportunity at the conference to win awards that can further enhance your resume and credentials when applying for a job. You also have the opportunity to meet students within Concordia itself or at another university/college . I speak from experience when i say you can make some lasting and sometimes lucrative friendships here. For any political science students i strongly recommend you join as this could be a great stepping stone for your career.
 Although our club can seem intimidating, it is not. Concordia is known for having a tight-knit and supportive United Nations club and i will make sure that tradition is carried into the conference this year. Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

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