CSA VP Internal

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Name: Tyler Ludwig

Email: csavpinternal@student.concordia.ab.ca

Phone: 780-479-9218

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Movie: Without a Paddle

Favourite Music Artist: Many bands, but Mumford and Sons is my jam right now

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up: The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show

What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up: Growing up I wanted to be an engineer but soon after high school found out that’s not going to be the case

Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Ludwig and I’m this year’s VP Internal. I’m going into my fourth year of business here at Concordia and have one more year after this to complete my degree which has been a great experience so far! I was born and raised in Edmonton all my life living in different communities all over the city. I have been able to take in many different cultural experiences because of this. Now here’s a little more in-depth run down of who I am and my journey to VP Internal.

I have played on various sports teams all my life with Rugby and Volleyball being my most competitive involvement. Out of High School I took advantage of the great opportunity to play on Concordia’s Men’s Volleyball team in their first year of the ACAC (Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference). This opportunity planted the roots to my great experience at Concordia. Being my first year it allowed me to meet a lot of great people and be a part of the school community.  Because of this great experience I highly recommend first year students to join an athletic team or to club meet new friends and become part of the great community that Concordia has to offer!  I moved onto become part of the CSA in the next two years helping the VP External promote students outings on off  campus events. More closely I promoted sporting events and ran the spring break ski trip to Kimberly BC! I was then asked to run for VP Internal and that’s where I sit going into my fourth year!

My main goal for this upcoming school year is to make students aware of the events that are hosted at Concordia, may these events be by the CSA or other clubs. University is a great place to meet new lifelong friends and become part of some amazing times!

If you have any questions or want to meet up and go over some ideas give me a shout!


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